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Your app title The Games starts from September 7th, 2016.
To support the India contingent and to make sure they preform the best they can and make the country even more proud we built InRio. This smartphone app has been specially designed for the Para-athletes who will be participating in Rio Paralympics 2016. It provides useful information and assistance to the Para-athletes bound for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. The App has numerous useful features that aid in the training and preperation for the games. And also connects everyone socially.

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Some best and useful features of the App

After downloading and logging into the App, three distinct sets of features will appear. Each helps build the strength and confidence needed to make a mark at a global level.

The first set of features helps the athlete connect with the other members of the team. Once you logged in you can view their full details and also can see about other teammates.


Some best and useful features of the App

The next important feature focuses on the preparation of the event. Here you will also get nutritional recommendations, information about brands and companies that are willing to offer assistance. So athletes can get information about gyms that are free or sport equipment that is available to them.

The third set of feature is Discover Rio, designed especially for entertainment purpose. This feature will give you information about Rio de Janeiro. You will get a map of this wonderful city where you can find the address and direction of the places you like to visit. Apart from that this section also has list of restaurants, hotels, places to sight see and shopping malls.


Some best and useful features of the App

This App also connects with social media features like Facebook and Instagram, where athletes can connect to the Indian supporters in Rio de Janeiro and also can share their special moments through this App.

It also has a perks section, when you visit those places you can avail facilities provided in the App.

Download the app now

InRio App. is available both on Android and iPhone. It is free, light, easy to use and interactive app. You don’t have to be a part of the team or an athlete to see the usefulness of InRio. If you support our athletes and want to see them win then download it to cheer them on.

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